Thursday, December 30, 2010

Babies... {Lily Star}

Meet Crystal, Alex and baby Lily. Crystal and Alex met while Crystal was Alex's barista. Fast forward five years and the two just welcomed their first child, little Miss Lily Star. I photographed Lily just one day after her true due date (but she arrived over 4 weeks early so this little premie had already been around for a while!) We met for an indoor session on one of THE darkest days I've seen but we still managed to get some precious pics. Lily was in a good mood, bright-eyed and checking things out almost the whole time. And her parents were excited to finally get some pics with her eyes open. Lily Star, welcome to our world. Keep shining brightly like the little star you are :)

As always all images are low resolution and for viewing purposes only.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The L Family...

Meet the L Family... Brian, MacKenzie and little cutie Cadence. I met MacKenzie through my mommy/baby classes at Evergreen (which, BTW, if you're a new mom I'd highly recommend going. It's a great place for new moms with questions (which was soooo me!) I met with this awesome Eastside family at a local winery on a chilly December day. Everything was going great untill we got kicked off the property for illegally taking pics (yeah, what's up with that? LOL) but we still managed to sneak away with some good shots. And as you can see seven month old Cadence is as cute as a button. MacKenzie and Brian, thanks for letting me photograph your family, it was fun. Enjoy your pics! :)

All images are low resolution and for viewing purposes only.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Symmetry & Repetition...

Are two things to look for when composing photos. You can capture some cool shots, like these pipes on a local construction site.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The F Family... {Kristen, Pat & Taylor}

And don't forget their sweet dog Dakine. I've had the pleasure of working with the F family three times this year, thanks so much guys! It's been so fun seeing Kristen go from a glowing prego mama-to-be to a happy, glowing mommy who loves her baby girl. And let me tell you this couple makes one cute baby. Six month old Taylor is super sweet and has THE bluest eyes you've ever seen. They are so. SO. Blue! We took some pics at their home near Mill Creek right before I left for Arizona. It was very cold out and started SNOWING that day, too cold for a little Be-be to be outside in. So we did a bunch of pics inside then braved the frosty air for a few last minute family pics. Kristen and Pat, it's always great seeing you. I hope you enjoy your pics :)

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