Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring!

So today marks the first day of Spring. And it was a wet one! We had showers off and on all day but I love this time of year. It smells so crisp and fresh outside and everything looks so green from all the rain. Time to get the yard ready, play in the dirt and plant flowers, put out the outdoor furniture... Now if only I could find someone else to do all the work... things would be perfect!


2babiesmomma said...

So cute! I always love the decorations you put out for the different holidays, this bunny is of course super cute too! I need cute stuff too!

Lanette said...

Thanks! I've had to limit myself the last couple years though cause I've already too much seasonal stuff! I think this spring bunny was my very first Easter item. I always thought he was cute. Seasonal stuff is fun but then ya gotta have room to store it! :)