Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

One of my favorite things about Spring are the Cherry Blossom trees and their fluffy pale pink blossoms. When I was a kid we had several of these in our backyard and I first fell in love with them then. The first house Rob and I bought had one in the front yard near the street. I always parked under it and every Spring my car would be sprinkled with thousands and thousand of pale pink polka dots. Now we have one in our backyard and I love catching wafts of their sweet scent while I'm in the yard. Ahhh Spring....!


2babiesmomma said...

That's funny, when I first saw the headline I thought of your kenmore house! I love the smell of these trees too and they are so pretty but I bet you don't miss then being TOTALLY STUCK all over the car. That was the one bad thing. I'll pretty much never park under one of these trees again! :)

Lanette said...

LOL, yeah, you are right about that! I had to go to a baby shower once for my bosses wife once and I didn't have time to wash my car so I drove off anyway with it COVERED in SO many petals. They were everywhere! I totally felt embarrased when I got to the shower! Ahhh the memories!

shawna said...

How are you Netters, I miss you so much!!!! I was hoping that I could maybe get you to join us for the March of Dimes on Sunday May 3rd?? I have the link on my Blog where you can join:) Let's get together really soon, I would love to catch up sweetie:)
Love ya, Shawna
Ps as usual I love all your pictures!