Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Mood...

It's Friday after work and I'm in a GREAT mood for three reasons... One, It's Friday. Needs no further explanation. Two, it's been sunny out the last two days and I'm seriously high on vitamin D and pollen. And three, because I'm really EXCITED people are donating money to my March of Dimes Walk (happening this Sunday!) I logged into my MOD account today and almost cried, I was so excited! So thank you SO MUCH for those of you who've already donated. I really appreciate it! :)

By donating money you're helping me get closer to my goal of raising $200 for the March of Dimes, premature babies and mothers of premie babies everywhere! So far I've raised $145.00, AWESOME!!! But I still haven't hit my goal of $200 yet. And I still need your help! So for those of you who haven't donated but are thinking about it, please do! Every donation helps and there's only one day left before the walk. So just do it, you'll feel really good about it, trust me! :)
And on that note, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! :)

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