Monday, June 1, 2009

Shannon's Birthday...

OK, I'm back. Things have been super busy lately so I'm really behind in posting! These pics are from my friend Shannon's birthday a few weekends ago. It was fun getting together with my two best friends from college, their husbands and a few of their close friends. One guest in particular raised a lot of interest--10 & 1/2 week old Lincoln! He's Josh and Krista's baby (Shannon & Phil's good friends--we've met them several times throughout the years so we were really happy to meet their little guy). Everyone was cooing over how adorable and sweet Lincoln was. It was fun seeing everyone and I know Shannon had a great day! (PS, to enlarge the images just double click on it)
(New mommy Krista made the cute cake below, talk about Superstar mom!)

Me, Shannon & Tammi

Shannon & Phil

Tammi & Tommaso

Shannon's brother-in-law Eric (Sorry Jenn, I didn't get a pic of you!)

Tommaso & Rob

Krista, Josh & Lincoln

Lincoln, lots of Lincoln!

Shannon, Tamara, Krista & Lincoln John

Tammi & Lincoln


Sundi said...

I can's believe that Krista just had a baby. She looks great. He's got so much hair. Love the cake too. That's cute! By the way, it's been a while so I didn't know if you'd ckeck older posts for comments but I really enjoyed all the pictures of your family too.

Lanette said...

I know, you totally can't tell she just had a baby! Lincoln did have a full head of heair, he's a real cutie. Thanks for always leaving comments, Sundi! It's so nice to hear from you (I'm pretty sure I replied to your comment on my blog about my brother being in town (I actually do that a lot but sometimes it takes me a few days so I don't know if people come back and check to see if I responded to them! :) Anyways, thanks for commenting girl! Talk to you soon!