Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kids... {Gracie}

Recently my friend Tierra and I tried to do a mini photo session with her (adorable!) daughter Gracie. Let me tell you, this girl is on the move! I think I got more pics of her walking away from me than anything else but luckily I got some good headshots too. Gracie is so cute and always so much fun to be around. Love this girl.


Tierra said...

I love this girl SO much! She's so pretty. And I just love all these pictures. I just realized looking at them that I havent seen that skirt for a while! hmm didnt think we had that much laundry :) Thank you for taking them. I can't say thank you enough! You got some sweet ones. The black and white one is really cool. And I like the close ups too.

Lanette said...

You are so welcome :) I'm glad you liked them because that is always what I hope for while I'm editing them. :) Gracie is SO pretty! She takes after her momma! :) Maybe one day we will convince you to be in a shoot too! :) love u both!