Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cake Smash... {Talan}

I had to split Talan's birthday into two posts because the cake smash was just too funny. I've never seen a kid covered in so much frosting before! It was stuck to his eyelashes, up his nose, everywhere! He really went to town with his first birthday cake, I'd definitely say it was a success. Happy First Birthday Talan! (As usual all pics are low resolution, double click to make the image clearer and larger)


Sundi said...

He is so cute! Even while eating cake he doesn't smile which is so funny cause he's totally getting after it. I'm so glad you posted these.

Lanette said...

He IS a cutie! Yeah, he actually can be a really happy little but he was just going to town on the frosting, he was too busy to smile!! :)