Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Story of Just Netters...

There once was a girl. Her name was Lanette. When she was little her family lovingly referred to her as "Netters" and "Netterbug." Many people still call her those names today.

A few years back Lanette started a blog. It was a blog about her, her husband and their life together. Lanette named that blog "Rob and Netters." Fast forward a year and Lanette decided she needed a blog all to herself--one for her growing photography hobby, her random pictures and quirky thoughts. And so a new blog was born. She named it "Just Netters" because it was a blog about only Netters and all things Netterbug. For a while "Just Netters" became the temporary home for Lanette's photography business but has since returned to it's original self.


I hope I'll be using this blog a lot in the future. I missed having this outlet in my life for the last year while it became my photography business site. And honestly it was during a time when I probably needed it most, my life has been full of change this last year and I've had a lot to say! I'm definitely glad to have "Just Netters" back. :)

This time my blog will have a different look. Gone are the long posts of meticulously edited images. Post will now consist of my random thoughts (which can truly be random!) and single static images, maybe perfect, maybe not.

Life is too short! I hope you live it to it's fullest every day, which means enjoying your precious time here on earth with your family and loved ones and not trapped behind a computer for hours on end. Life is all about what's important to you and balance. This is something I've learned this past year.

In the meantime, to view my recent photo shoots please visit my business site at I've also provided a link on the right hand side of this blog as well. Just click the small black box that says Lanette Marie Photography.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon!

A.k.a Netters


Tierra said...

Cute story netters!!! Yes time is too shirt to spend behind a computer editing and more! We that love looking at your blog don't need perfectly cropped photos and such. We just love seeing pictures and hearing all about you and what's going on! Thanks for letting us in on all the fun! Love ya girlie! Can't wait to hear more!

Lanette said...

Thanks for my first comment Tierra! :) I'm excited to have this as more of a journal than anything else. I know Facebook is kind of like that as well but I don't like putting all my random thoughts on there. here is fine though LOL And Yes, Editing can be so time consuming, I'm saving that for the LMP blog. See you soon! :)