Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finally, a post!

So.  I am finally at a place where I have time for personal blogging again.  I am just not sure I have time for three blogs... Which means this blog may be biting the dust.  BUT, I am not totally sure yet so please check back here from time to time.  While I'm deciding if I should keep this blog or combine it with my professional site I WILL be blogging (Gasp!  Can you believe it??) on my family site, www.robandnetters.blogspot.com as well as my business one, www.lanettemariephotography.com, so check there for updates right now. And of course what is a post without pics?  Here is my beautiful little girl, Kendall, 20 months, enjoying some winter sun before Seattle got hit with snow last week.  

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