Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas to me means spending time with the people you love most. Eating good food. Keeping holiday traditions. And making memories. I painted this ornament for Rob at my parents kitchen table for one of our first Christmas's together. And while my painting skills resemble that of a 7 year olds, it's fun to rediscover little treasures like these during the holidays. I hope your Christmas was one you will treasure and remember for years to come. Merry Christmas Everyone :)


Tierra said...

awww that's super cute! Those are the best ornaments, the ones that bring back happy memories. And really, your painting is much better then a 7yr old and much better then mine would be!

Lanette said...

It's fun checking out my parents tree and seeing all the ornaments we bought bought, made and collected over the years. Rob's mom gave me this one a few years back, she thought we might like to have it on our tree now and I'm glad we do! :)